Ultralight Spinning Telescopic Fishing Rod


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1.6 m1.8 m2.1 m2.4 m


All rods in this series are lightweight in relation to length, but at the same time have a good power reserve, which allows you to fight against a strong opponent. Fast and medium-fast spinning rods perfectly control jig lures and guarantee not only long-range but also the accurate casting of lures. Good sensor control of the blanks allows you to instantly react to a bite and make a timely strike.


Length Closed Length Sections Weight Front Diameter Back Diameter
1.6 m 45.0 cm 5 81 g 2.0 mm 9.5 mm
1.8 m 47.5 cm 6 90 g 2.0 mm 11.2 mm
2.1 m 48.5 cm 7 107 g 2.0 mm 12.8 mm
2.4 m 51.0 cm 8 123 g 2.0 mm 14.4 mm


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