Ultralight Carbon Fiber Spinning Rod


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1.8 m2.1 m2.4 m2.7 m3.0 m3.6 m


The spinning rod series is suitable for travel and long hikes. Spinning rods are versatile and have ample opportunities. With such a rod, you can go to any body of water and catch different types of fish. Despite the multi-piece design, they are not inferior to rods with a traditional, two-piece design. They also have the correct balance.


Length Closed Length Weight Front Diameter Back Diameter
1.8 m 49 cm 210 g 2.0 mm 15 mm
2.1 m 51 cm 215 g 2.0 mm 15 mm
2.4 m 53 cm 265 g 2.0 mm 18 mm
2.7 m 50 cm 265 g 2.0 mm 18 mm
3.0 m 54 cm 330 g 2.0 mm 20 mm
3.6 m 63 cm 360 g 2.0 mm 20 mm


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