Titanium Alloy Tent Pegs


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Multipurpose pegs that are perfect for anchoring tents, tarps, and canopies at ground level. Could also be used for landscaping or setting up garden decorations and keep them from falling over.

These tent pegs are good for holding down any tent for an easy camping trip. Helps anchor your largest tents. Construction makes these tent stakes easy to penetrate the roughest terrain. Drive it right into the ground or sand and keep your tent from blowing away when you are camping.

These stakes are also ideal for outdoor camping and hiking. Anchor a tent with these stakes and you are guaranteed a stable shelter. Strong, durable garden securing pegs and built to last for years to come. The hook prevents the stake from going too deep and unseen.

Conveniently pull out the tent stakes with its hook-shaped design.

Each stake measures 165 mm long for extra security when anchoring your items. 4mm diameter heavy-duty rod with a finish for superior rust-resistance in outdoor weather.


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