Telescopic Feeder Fishing Rod


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2.7 m3.6 m4.5 m5.4 m6.3 m


A range of versatile entry-level feeder rods available in various lengths from 2.7 m to 6.3 m, perfect for a wide range of conditions. The rods of this line are made of composite material, the combination of fiberglass and carbon fiber makes the rod lightweight without losing strength. Excellent throwing qualities allow for precise and long-distance casting of feeders and weights to a promising place.


Length Closed Length Sections Weight Front Diameter Back Diameter
2.7 m 73 cm 5 100 g 1.0 mm 17 mm
3.6 m 74 cm 7 162 g 1.0 mm 19 mm
4.5 m 74 cm 8 203 g 1.0 mm 19 mm
5.4 m 77 cm 10 288 g 1.0 mm 22 mm
6.3 m 77 cm 11 355 g 1.0 mm 23 mm


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