Portable Fishing Line Winder


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When spooling too much line on your reel, no need to remove the reel and rewind the line back on the spool by hand. The line winder can easily help you wind the line directly back onto the spool and improves the winding efficiency.

The spooling station device features an upgraded aluminum alloy connecting rod, which is 40% stronger than the plastic version. At the same time, you can also customize the length of the rod according to your own needs, which is suitable for different scenarios.

The clamp on the fishing line winder can be opened up to 10.49 cm / 4.13’’, which can be easily applied to different sizes line spools.

The conical design adaptor is suitable for line spools with apertures from 10 mm / 0.39’’ to 25 mm / 0.98’’. The adaptor rotates with the line spool when winding, which reduces noise, while still maintaining the perfect spool tension. This design makes for easy and smooth operation.

Is suitable for various types of reels like baitcaster, spinning reel, spincast reel, etc. A must have for all fishermen!


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