Fishing Knot Tool


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  • Made of high-quality ABS plastic material with the characteristics of strong and durable, has a long using life.
  • Small size design and lightweight for easy to carry.
  • Great for fresh water, open water or ice fishing.
  • So easy and safe so that children can tie their own line.
  • Safely hold hooks while trying to fishing line eliminating painful injuries.
  • Helps to tie swivels, jig heads and speed clips for attaching lures or other rigs including a small variety of flies.
  • It can also use to cover the hooks attached to the pole so you can safely transport your fishing poles whilst fully rigged. No more torn upholstery or damage to your car, boat or caravan.


  • Material: ABS plastic, metal
  • Colour: Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow
  • Length: 8.5 cm
  • Weight: 4.3 g


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