Fishing Spinning Reel 10 + 1 Bearings

Fishing Spinning Reel 10 + 1 Bearings

Transforms the industry with the roll out of another great freshwater and saltwater fishing reel. The spinning reel brings you a unique, geometrical, bionic engineering design. A spinning reel of this rugged build and unique optics deserves a special place in your fishing tackle arsenal. Its precise geometric forms offer a distinct autobot look that set it apart from all others and helps reduce weight while maintaining strength.

Fishing Spinning Reel 10 + 1 BearingsThe spin fishing reel is built for enormous strength and endless durability. The aerospace aluminum alloy skeletal design frame is more than a great look. It’s the basis for its strength to battle hard fighting fish in fresh and saltwater. With its matrix of leadership rolls out this series of affordable metal body reels and sends a shock wave through the industry. Transforms you into the angler you want to be.

Spinning reels provide maximum performance and strength for all tournament anglers looking for victory. The main drive gear is made of durable zinc alloy matched with a pinion gear machined from solid brass. Both deliver rigidity and smoothness needed in building reels ready to tackle tough conditions. Spinning reels feature a CNC machined aerospace aluminum alloy spool and exclusive design robot inspired aluminum handles.

Of impressive run-stopping power. Making a perfect big game spinning reel. The triple-disc carbon fiber drag delivers consistently strong and flawless drag without start-up hesitation that can result in snapped fishing lines and lost fish.

The instant anti-reverse provides for quick hooksets. Double-shielded stainless ball bearings mean the will perform equally in saltwater fishing and freshwater fishing, they are like a fishing robots in disguise.

Anti-reverse switch works perfectly to prevent reel from reverse spooling, just switch on and off, you can change reel handle’s direction of use.

Fishing Spinning Reel 10 + 1 Bearings


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